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About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help carve a better life for our clients and facilitate their comfort and independence within their homes and communities. We aim to achieve this through empathetic and quality care services delivered by trained professionals.

Our Vision

We aspire to assist you with daily chores that may be draining your time and energy and affecting your overall quality of life. We aim to create a big difference in your life through our help with your little responsibilities.

Offering You a Wide Range of Care Services

Care with Compassion Home Services is a companion care company based in Illinois. We serve in the Cook, Kane and DuPage counties.
We offer a range of supportive and companionship services to help people deal with differently abled, sick, or elderly loved ones, handle pet care and maintain a home. Our seasoned care professionals devise personalized care plans to ensure you get the most value from our services, making your life easier for you.

You Are Our Top Priority

Each of our workers considers you a part of the family, enabling us to perform excellently for you. We believe that our services and expertise encapsulate our relationship with you perfectly. With that in mind, we put our hearts and souls into every effort we make for you.

Rowaida Bio

Rowaida Hormiz

Founder & CEO, Care with Compassion Home Services LLC Immigrant | Certified Public Accountant | Entrepreneur | Single Mother

As an immigrant who arrived in USA from war-torn Syria in 1998, I embarked on a journey that would shape my life and career in profound ways. Guided by an unyielding determination to create a better future for my family and myself, I have overcome challenges and achieved milestones that have defined my path.
My commitment to education led me to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Science, majoring in Accounting, in 2007. Fueled by a relentless pursuit of excellence, I obtained my Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certificate while simultaneously working full-time as an accountant in 2012. This period marked the beginning of a diverse and enriching professional journey, as I applied my expertise across various industries, gaining valuable insights and experiences along the way.
In the midst of my professional pursuits, I also embraced the role of a devoted single mother to my two young boys, David and Noah. Witnessing their growth and contributing to their well-being has been a source of immeasurable joy and motivation. Beyond my career, I find solace in spending quality time with them, nurturing their interests, and fostering their dreams.
Outside of the demands of work and parenting, I remain true to my passions. Whether it’s engaging in a spirited game of soccer, cherishing moments with cherished friends and family, or immersing myself in the vibrancy of life, I relish every opportunity to savor the essence of existence.
Driven by a profound desire to create a positive impact, I made a pivotal decision to establish my own agency – a home care service dedicated to providing compassionate care to the elderly. This venture resonates deeply with my values and cultural background, aligning perfectly with my innate urge to support and uplift older generations. Every step I take in this journey is underscored by my unwavering commitment to ensure that our elderly community members experience the dignity, respect, and care they richly deserve.
In all that I do, I remain guided by the core values of empathy, resilience, and tenacity. My story is one of transformation, of evolving from an immigrant with a dream into a multifaceted professional, a nurturing mother, and an entrepreneur who is passionate about making a difference. I am excited to continue this journey, leveraging my diverse experiences and unwavering dedication to uplift individuals and communities alike.


Contact us for personalized care that brings comfort and support to your home. Let’s discuss your needs and how we can help.

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